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Following Interarts’ actions in the development of the FOMECC Program to expand the FOMECC Portal with the FomeccNet tool (restricted and specialized online network aimed at cultural organizations, educational institutions and professionals from cultural and creative industries that seeks to foster networking between its members), the foundation has developed another similar tool, FomeccBiz. This tool is addressed to cultural and creative entrepreneurs to foster exchange and collaboration activities between them; increase the visibility of their work, products and/or services and promote new business opportunities at an international level. Like FomeccNet, the social network FomeccBiz is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The FomeccBiz initiative, as part of the FOMECC Program, can be supported by the resources generated by this program from its start; this fact that exceeds the virtual framework and reinforces the effect of exchange, professionalization and market penetration. Thus, with the support of the “Barcelona Solidaria” Program of the City Council of Barcelona and in collaboration with the University of Antioquia, FOMECC Colombia local partner, in parallel with the creation of the online tool, the action “FOMECCBIZ Medellín-Barcelona: Generation of Cultural and Creative Business Network for Local Development'' project has been launched. The project seeks to increase the productivity and product commercialisation of cultural and creative enterprises in Medellín through a range of activities such as human resources training, promotion of networking and creation of alliances and joint business initiatives between Medellín and Barcelona. This project also involves the participation of the Audiovisual, Video and Animation Association (AVA) and the Musician's Union (USM) of Medellín.

From November 26 to December 1 2013, Interarts organizes a trade mission of three audiovisual artists and members of the Audiovisual, Video and Animation Association (AVA) of Medellín to Barcelona (Catalonia). During the mission, creators Germán Garcés from 4B1D company; Nilson Vera from La Nueva Campañía; and Alejandro Eusse from Curubito Productions, have the opportunity to present their new transmedia projects, developed in comedy, situation comedy and science fiction genres, to the main production companies of the city of Barcelona such as Castelao/Filmax, U-Play, Tomavistas and El Terrat.

They also participate in the ZOOM Film Festival for Television (Igualada, Barcelona, 27 November-1 December), the first event dedicated to this genre in Spain. In the context of the Festival, the creators attend animation and television fiction workshops led by Toni Garcia from Screen 21; Oriol Sala-Patau from the Television of Catalonia and Paco Escribano from Minoria Absoluta, and meet representatives from the Television of Catalonia and production companies such as Dream Team Concept and Alicorn Films.

On 29 November, Interarts hosts the meeting with creators and producers of the Association AVA and associations and other key stakeholders of the audiovisual sector of Catalonia. The Catalan audiovisual sector is represented by the Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies (ICEC), the City Council of Barcelona, CatalanFilms, the Spanish Federation of Animation Producers' Associations (DIBOOS), the Catalan Federation of Audiovisual Producers’ Association (PROA), the Documentary Producers Association Pro-Docs, Fantastic Orange Tree, Just Films, Planeta Med S.L., Parallel40 Colombia, Udol de Llop Management, La Ballesta and Pequeños Dibujos Animados production companies. The session, organised jointly by Interarts, the University of Antioquia and the City Council of Barcelona, is aimed at presenting the current situation of the Colombian audiovisual sector and the work developed by AVA, especially in the transmedia storytelling field. It is also aimed at promoting contacts, generating exchange of experiences, ideas and new proposals for audiovisual collaboration between Barcelona and Medellín.

start date

1 April 2012

end date

30 March 2014


To foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between cultural and creative entrepreneurs, especially small and medium size enterprises.
To impact on the improvement of productivity, competitiveness and business opportunities of cultural and creative entrepreneurs operating mainly in Spain, Latin America and Africa.


Exchange and collaboration among members of FomeccBiz; increased the level of competence of the members; boosted the commercialisation of their products though visibility, training, fostering partnerships and joint business initiatives.

activity areas

Cultural cooperation.

geographic location

 the Americas