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MCP Broker is a project aimed to enhance and stimulate the cultural participation of migrants by improving the capacity of their local cultural public institutions to interact with them. These institutions are part of the receiving society, which has to live up to the challenge of managing cultural diversity and ensuring intercultural integration. Central to these tasks is the enhancement of the intercultural capacity of public cultural institutions by diversifying their staff and governance bodies.

The purpose of the project is to support cultural institutions to become brokers and mediators of the relationships in current societies marked by diversity; to open themselves to the newcomers to society both as recipients of cultural productions and as cultural producers and actors themselves.

To this aim, the project foresees the following activities:
1) The development of the benchmarking tool in order to manage the sector's needs on how to promote integration at different levels: audience and visitor relations; programme, repertoire or collections; partners and collaborators for programming and profiling; employees; board members; and suppliers.

2) A pilot research with 10-15 cultural institutions each in at least 6-7 EU countries in order to analyse the management of cultural diversity within these institutions as well as to identify obstacles and needs for the intercultural integration.

3) The implementation of Learning Partnerships (LPs) in order to equip the sector and other key operators on how to promote integration. Learning Partnerships (LPs) will be developed between cultural institutions which are advanced and less advanced in their field in terms of diversity management; between cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations rooted in migrant self-organisation; between cultural institutions and employment agencies; between cultural institutions and schools.

4) Learning Partnership’s outcomes will be disseminated through European networks, participation at thematically relevant conferences and organisation of the public conference in Barcelona.

Interarts is coordinating and managing this initiative, in collaboration with Culture Action Europe (CAE) (Belgium), Intercult (Sweden), EDUCULT (Austria) and ECCOM (Italy). The project is supported by European Integration Fund of European Commission DG Home Affairs.

The activities carried out in 2015 include the cycle of workshops 'Learning Partnerships on managing cultural diversity in public cultural institutions', organized by Interarts and held in Barcelona in February. Over 35 participants met to discuss current strategies on aspects such as promoting cultural diversity, intercultural education, migrant participation in public cultural centres, and together they came up with new ideas in these areas. In April, a meeting of the project partners was held in Stockholm to review the results of the work undertaken so far and map out the last phase of MCP Broker.
The final conference was held from June 30 to July 2 2015 in Barcelona. The title of the event was 'MCP Broker Show'. With an innovative structure, it brought together over 150 representatives of associations, institutions and NGOs worldwide to discuss and share experiences on integrating migrants in differing public cultural organisations. The results can be viewed on the project website (

start date

15 October 2013

end date

30 August 2015


To promote the engagement of the receiving communities in interacting with the migrants, based on the mutual respect of their rights, obligations and different cultures,
To ensure equal treatment and improve diversity management in the public and private work places, service provision, education systems, media and other important arenas


Public cultural institutions equipped in order to integrate migrants at different levels: audience and visitor relations; programme, repertoire or collections; partners and collaborators for programming and profiling; employees; board members; and suppliers.
Both migrants and the receiving society aware of the importance of migrant cultural integration in the creation of intercultural society.

activity areas

Advice.Cultural cooperation.Transfer of knowledge.Applied research.

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