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First CulturalBase project workshop

6 December 2015

International culture experts from both academia and civil society met in Barcelona from 30 September to 2 October for the first workshop in the project 'CulturalBase. Social Platform of European Identities and Cultural Heritage'. With the twofold aim of identifying and selecting the main topics to be addressed during the project in each of the three primary areas identified-cultural memory, cultural inclusion and cultural creativity-and assessing the practical links between these topics and their importance to broader areas of study covered by CulturalBase, the workshop was structured as discussion sessions around documents drawn up by academic experts in each area that summed up the state of affairs of the fundamental topics and provided food for thought to take the debate forward. The conclusions of this first workshop will provide the springboard for the academic research and shared production process, which will help bring about a common approach to the main challenges facing culture in Europe. Interarts, the University of Barcelona and several partners from European universities are running this project as part of the 2014-2015 Horizon 2020 work programme 'Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies'. Photographs, videos and the synthetic summary of the debates at the first workshop are available at the following link.